10 Things You Didn’t Know About Us

By WorkBook6

By JT Benton

I get to tell our story quite a bit. But, because I try to listen hard and pair my presentation to the things I’ve learned about the folks I’m talking to, I don’t always tell it the same way. After just about every call or meeting, I’m left wishing I’d mentioned some other stuff. With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to put a little list together that contains some of the more passed over details about WorkBook6. And so, I proudly present 10 things you likely didn’t know about WorkBook6. Hope you enjoy!

  1. The story behind our name isn’t all that creative, but it is funny (at least to us). I was working on the business model many years ago and when I saved my work, I noticed that the suggested file name was workbook6.xslx. I thought it was catchy, and since I didn’t have a crystal clear vision of the business, yet, I liked how vague it was. Further, a mentor of mine at the time was in the process of a costly rebrand; his advice was to stay very high level and leave room for expansion. So, we went with it.
  2. While I’ve been excited about this concept for a long time, I didn’t have the guts to actually start the business until 2016. Why? I finally saw the opportunity had scale. And, I had to do it. My last gig (CRO for a national insurance firm) was really hard on my family. When that began to unwind, I felt like I had to take better control of my time, travel, and team. I started working on WorkBook6 the next day.
  3. Our first client is still with us. I pitched the idea over lunch and later that afternoon, we had our first yes – a very well-known US financial institution! What’s better, still, is that the decision maker has become a very close friend.
  4. We have never raised capital. Every hire, technology investment, rent check, insurance premium and company lunch has been funded by our growth. This hasn’t been easy, and the hard work is far from over, but I wouldn’t change a thing. This independence makes it easy to know who we’re accountable to – every dime in our accounts came from a client.
  5. Our vacation policy is worth smiling about. It is as follows:
  6. – Do great work always.

    – Make sure your colleagues never suffer from your absence (or your presence, for that matter).

    – Otherwise, take as much time away as you’d like – just make sure the work stays excellent.

  7. While we’re headquartered in Tempe, Az, we have folks on each coast (Boston and Santa Barbara) as well as Colorado
  8. We’re not a lead generation business, nor are we an ad agency. We’re 100 percent focused on forging partnerships on behalf of our clients. (So if you ask me how much the leads are, I’m gonna make a funny face.)
  9. We’re entirely industry and location agnostic. WorkBook6 has clients in over a dozen vertical markets and we have represented companies in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia. While we are a service-oriented business, we’re very much tech-enabled. When we discovered there wasn’t a CRM platform that worked off the shelf, we decided to build our own.
  10. While we don’t brag about it enough, WorkBook6 operates on its own, completely proprietary CRM system, which we call
  11. Finally, we’re a special snowflake. Seriously, to the best of our knowledge, there isn’t another company that does what we do. I’m not sure if that means we’re crazy or brilliant, but either way, I love that we’re unique.

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