Buy It or Build It: Join our LeadsCon webinar with Phonexa!

By Cailey Thorfinnson

Hello all!

It is a pleasure to be making my blogging debut on WorkBook6's Happenings page. If we haven't

already had the chance to meet, my name is Cailey Thorfinnson, and I've been the Chief of Staff 

for WorkBook6 since January 2020.

Today I'm very humbled and excited to share that the wonderful team at Phonexa has asked us to 

take part in their LeadsCon webinar, "Lead Management: Buy it or Build it?"

We are particularly excited about our participation in this event as it highlights our COO, Brett 

Kaufman, as one of the discussion panel participants. There's no area where Brett's impact is not 

felt throughout our company, including sales, partnership development, technology, finance, and 

both client and corporate marketing.

Brett's wealth of knowledge on this, and almost every subject, is something I aspire to have even 

one-tenth of. I'm very much looking forward to his take on making the right decision when it 

comes to buying or building lead management technology. He will weigh in with this discussion 

panel's presenters from Phonexa, Tiara Gazarian and Nasser Aftab of Phonexa, and will also be 

joined by LeadsCon's very own, Warren Pickett.

WorkBook6, and Brett in particular, helps our clients decide on their brand strategy, and an 

integral part of that strategy is the conversation of "Buy vs. Build" when it comes to technology. 

Looking at this through the lens of a brand's partnership strategy, we hope to offer a unique 

perspective on the topic, and are equally as excited to hear our webinar presenters at Phonexa 

weigh-in on solutions to the buy-or-build debate from real-life experiences. As they put it: "This 

question becomes more complex as you consider all your current and future channels—calls, 

web leads, clicks, emails, and more. It's easy to become lost in a sea of sales pitches and 

promises as you make your decision."

We sincerely hope you'll join us for this discussion on August 11th, 2020, at 1PM ET. If you 

haven't registered already, you can do so here:

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