COVID-19 Communication

By JT Benton

Hello everyone! While I start most messages with the following words, trust that today, I mean them more than ever: I hope you’re well.


The past few weeks have rocked Americans’ lives from many angles. Because the news cycle is unending on this topic, and because I don’t want my own opinions to influence anyone, I’ll keep our communication on this topic very simple. Read on:


First, you should know that we, like everyone else, send our support, warmest thoughts, and prayers to those who have been directly and indirectly impacted by the Coronavirus.


Second, you should know that WorkBook6 is open for business. The majority of our team is working from home, and where necessary, we’ve invested in additional resources for them. We have made zero adjustments to our monthly accountabilities, and we’re hitting all relevant benchmarks for internal production. The show must go on.


Third, you should know that we are here to help. For our clients, this means that we’re eager to better understand how we can flexibly support them during this time. For our partners, this means we remain available to help them solve problems and continue growing. And for everyone else, it means we’re always here to talk – about anything at all.


That’s it, folks. We’re hunkered down and doing the work. Just like you. If you need anything at all, say the word. And again, we hope you’re well.

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