Eight Bar – Oakland International Airport

By WorkBook6

At WorkBook6, we travel a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. And while time on the road is good for business, it can be even better for our marketing foodies, who love a great meal with great company. Join us on another edition of #MarketingFoodies as we rave (or lament) the cuisine we encounter on our travels. And we’re always looking for our next feast…any suggestions?

Marketing Foodies Review: Eight Bar, Oakland Airport

Restaurant: Eight Bar

Location: Oakland International Airport, Terminal 1

Service: 2/5

Food: 2/5

Intangibles: 1/5

What we ordered: Barbacoa Nachos (JT); Turkey Sandwich (Brett)

What we wish we ordered: Food from an actual restaurant

This place kinda sucks in a totally expected way. The options in Oakland’s terminal 1 are underwhelming, though, so you might end up without a choice. You’ve got your Chili’s Too, your Silver Dragon Café (think Panda Express), and Bar 8. Vino Volo is there, too, but we forgot they served food. So, you know, limited.

Let’s start with the nachos. These were not good. The chips are those thick corn ones you get at a high school football game and come in a giant bulk bag. The cheese is definitely of the pump variety. (Note: I’m no purist and I’m certainly not above pump cheese.) Super basic.

The fixins were OK, actually. The barbacoa tasted like it should and the guacamole (which comes at an upcharge) was legit. The sour cream was almost frozen, though, and the corn was mushy.

Brett’s sandwich looked like something you’d grab at a convenience store. It looked bready. I didn’t taste it, though, so we’ll take it from him. “It tasted like lunchables” was really all I could get out of him. Man of few words, I suppose.

There you have it, gang. Bar 8. Oakland. JT and BK, out.

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