Happy Veteran’s Day!

By WorkBook6

For those who don’t know me, I’m Justin Guido – I joined this awesome team in June and my role has been to develop relationships with strategic partners for our clients. Specifically, I focus on organizations serving a certain membership audience – entities which are truly looking out for the interests of the group, above everything else. Under this umbrella, I mainly focus on military & veteran organizations. I like working this category for a few reasons. These organizations not only protect veteran entitlements on Capitol Hill, but also provide practical, everyday benefits (which can include significant discounts on every day products and services, as well as programs built around major initiatives like the VA Mortgage program or the GI Bill). WorkBook6 actively works to help our clients serve these communities; I can’t think of a group I’d rather support.

I know from my own experience that it feels good to align our clients’ success with real and direct benefits for the military community. So, I thought it might make sense to share a bit about how corporate partnerships can help the military community.

How can for-profit organizations support and engage with, the Military community?

First of all, they need to keep in mind–this is a very large and diverse group of people. They come from all corners of the country with varied backgrounds and life experiences.

There are approximately 22 million US veterans and active military members, combined. It’s unrealistic to assume they all think the same way or have the same needs. Universally though, they all need and deserve our help.

There’s a big difference between wanting military customers, and actually being committed to achieving this. There are several ways companies can provide support (while creating brand awareness and loyalty) and they each involve dedicating meaningful resources to benefitting this community. This may come in the form of donations, sponsorships or other monetary contributions. Maybe that ties into special initiatives or corporate-sponsored programs (with supporting web content) that highlight a particular military need or cause. Or, support could simply come through hiring; rolling out a dedicated effort to hire veterans making the transition to civilian life.

One thing to keep in mind throughout the process—you’ve got to be patient. These types of relationships and partnerships don’t come easy or quickly. Patience pays off, though. Once you’ve established credibility and have shown your company’s willingness to support this community, you’ll never find a better or more loyal customer base.

Real examples

I thought it might be helpful to provide a few examples of WorkBook6 clients supporting this community:

  1. NBKC Bank- NBKC has extremely strong ties to the military community. They are the key sponsor for the TV Show Military Makeover and they have a history of giving back to the Military Community. They’re also one of the nation’s top VA lenders and have specifically built loan products to help veterans take advantage of their VA Loan Benefits.
  2. PureTalk USA- A proud veteran-owned cell phone/wireless provider that’s always very eager to support the military community. They offer exclusive discounts to military group members, collaborate on co-branded military group landing pages and contribute “match” donations made to the group.
  3. Seniorly- Open search platform for senior housing options. Seniorly has recently produced a free Veterans Benefit Guide for Senior Living. This in-depth and comprehensive guide provides information to veterans on the types of available programs, aid and assistance, eligibility and application requirements to assist in securing the best senior housing options on the market.

WorkBook6 is focused on scaling current military partnerships and always eager to create new ones.

If you’re a company interested in supporting this community in some way (maybe you’re not sure how, just yet), we want to hear from you!

If you’re a military group or organization and could benefit from corporate support, we want to hear from you!

And finally, if you’re neither but you know of a company or group we should be working with….WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!


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