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By WorkBook6

About WorkBook6:

WorkBook6 is a growth-oriented services firm. Our clients come to us for help with partnership development, coalition marketing programs and general revenue stewardship. Put more simply, we help our clients grow, quickly.The medium for this growth will vary, but our intention is to grow this business into the world’s very best platform for partner marketing. We’ll begin this process by helping a select number of clients with their needs on a 1:1 format.

The problems we solve:

Profitable, sustainable growth is hard, and many direct response organizations are severely hooked on the easy route. This looks different throughout the ecosystem, so I’ll briefly explain.

  1. Retail lead generation is convenient and scalable, so brands in many verticals rely too heavily on existing partnerships. They double down with their lead generation and affiliate vendors; as a result, these advertisers often find themselves with meaningful revenue concentration on the supply side of the business. Exposure to compliance concerns and affiliate fraud add further concern
  2. Media companies (lead generators, publishers, ad networks) suffer from the same issue, though from a different perspective. Because predictable scale matters so much to a media company, many sellers find themselves obsessed with their biggest clients. Senior leaders and sales representatives find their time being monopolized by existing, important clients. The resulting revenue concentration leads to real vulnerability in an inconsistent industry.
  3. Finally, digital media isn’t the only venue offering new customers. Many organizations either ignore or under-invest in coalition marketing partnerships. Because these partnerships take time and lot’s of effort to execute, few peer-to-peer partnerships get past the initial discussion.

We’re here to fix all of this.

WorkBook6 offers an outstanding solution to each of the above perspectives. Brands turn to us for more immediate success with finding new marketing partners; marketing companies come to us for faster adoption on the advertiser side. Businesses grow. Revenues jump. High fives and fist bumps are had.

And all of this comes at a fraction of the cost of a senior internal resource.

Some thoughts on timing:

This concept has been on my mind for years, and I’ve been waiting for the right time to launch the company since it first entered my thinking in 2012.

You read that right. I’ve been thinking about doing this since 2012. I’ve learned that it’s damned hard to identify the right time to launch a company. Any number of elements can slow you down. I’m sure I’ll elaborate on this, someday, for now I’ll just say this: now feels like the right time to me. Having worked extensively from the demand, supply and fulfillment sides of this ecosystem, I’m simply convinced that the market needs this, now. And, while I’ve had several opportunities to stop, take a breath, and go for it, it wasn’t time, yet. And now, it is.

What does WorkBook6 mean?

By design, our name doesn’t mean anything, specifically. This doesn’t mean we don’t have a defined model; it just means I don’t think being specific is always a good thing. Some of my favorite companies are now on their second brand. Not because they screwed up; they simply outgrew very specific names. We’ve got lot’s to do before we even sniff the kind of success that companies like Invoca (formerly RingRevenue) and Jornaya (Formerly LeadID) have seen, but I’d like to think I’ve learned a bit from their success. And because I know it’s hard to build a brand that matters to its target audience, I’d like to only do it once.

I want this company and the brand we build to mean growth, simplified. To accomplish this, we’ll need to stay agnostic to both industry and channel – we have to be as useful to an online insurance provider as we are to a home security company. We want to help trade associations monetize their membership just as well as we want to help cutting edge telecom providers diversify their revenue. It’s important that we not become too closely correlated with any one industry, category or channel. I bought countless URLs. I talked to as many friends in the branding and identity creation space as I could. In the end, I looked back to a funny moment when this journey first began: when building the preliminary revenue model in 2012, Microsoft Excel suggested workbook6.xlsx for the file name. For some reason, it stuck with me. I liked it, then, and the concept persisted. So, I went with it, and now we’re WorkBook6.

When does it start?

Right now! We’re live with a small group of clients, and we’re obsessed with delivering for them. We’re growing, quickly, with revenues roughly doubling each month. This means our team will soon grow, too. We’re looking for talented, highly-driven folks in strategic partnership development, sales, account management, media services and finance. More on that, later, though. For now, welcome to WorkBook6 – and thanks for reading this opening post.

Sincerely, JT Benton

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