Leadscon 2018 is Coming The Power of Three

By WorkBook6

It’s absolutely crazy when you think about it, but Leadscon 2018 is only four weeks (and counting) away! We’ve been hard at work as we plot and plan the second Strategic Partnership Workshop, which is being held in conjunction with Leadscon again this year, and the lineup looks amazing!

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For example – the WorkBook6 team has collaborated with our friends at Insuramatch to present “The Power of Three: Aligning Advertisers, Publishers and Customers”.

Join InsuraMatch CEO Marc Buro and WorkBook6 Founder & CEO JT Benton as they discuss how publishers and advertisers can align to drive sustainable growth for each side, while providing the highest possible utility to the consumer.

This session will feature an overview of important partnership phases, including discovery, diligence and engagement formats. Brands and advertisers hear useful tips around how to select the right publisher partner, while publishers can benefit from perspective around monetization and engagement format. Everyone can gain insight around constructing a deal that is ultimately beneficial to everyone – especially consumers.

And that’s just one of the five amazing sessions we’ve got planned – will we see you there this year?

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