Technology Doesn’t Need To Be Your Enemy

By WorkBook6

There’s no doubt that technology is evolving at a rapid pace these days; if you don’t embrace this, you risk falling far behind. It’s inevitable that change is going to happen with or without us. My take when it comes to technology is that it’s better to engage selectively than to avoid it altogether. We should embrace the positive differences it can make, instead of fearing the possible pitfalls.

Technophobia is defined as the fear of advanced technology, especially new computers or devices. New systems and programs are constantly being thrown at us that are meant to improve our lives or make our lives easier. Typically, a fear like this stems from not knowing how a system works therefore creating an uneasiness around that product. So here are a few tips to decrease that uneasiness:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether that means asking someone you know personally or using a product’s tech support. Chances are, there are other people out there with the same question.
  2. Teach yourself. The more time you spend with a product, the better you will become at using it. It takes time, but I guarantee you will get more comfortable.
  3. Be open and patient to learning something new. Last but not least, patience is key. It’s better to spend a little bit of time on something each day so you avoid frustration and throwing in the towel altogether. Down the road, you’ll gradually feel comfortable.

In my personal experience, I did not get my degree in computer science or a related field. I found an interest in programming at the end of college. I won’t lie, I spent many days confused and frustrated, however, as time began to progress, I found the pieces slowly coming together. Now, three years later, I’m lucky enough to be a part of the tech team at Workbook6. I’m still constantly learning new things every day, but that’s the price you pay if you want to work in tech. My point is, a new technology can feel intimidating and confusing at first, but as I have learned, the more time you spend with it, the more confidence and capability you have. I now have a marketable, talent that people all over the world need. My commercial value went up.

If you take the time to continue to learn about what you are using, you may be surprised of the amount of problems technology can solve. Rideshare is a great example of this as it aims to reduce the number of cars on roads. Online Banking is one of the most convenient technological advances. You no longer have to go into the bank for most of your basic transactions. This saves you time and means you get your money faster. These are some solutions to every day issues that make our lives easier.

Technology can also have the power to bring communities together that may not otherwise have contact with each other. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are some of the most powerful ones that we use every day. The Crisis Help Line provides text and anonymous, online chat support to those struggling with trauma, depression, or suicide. A program like this, thanks to technology, has the resources and abilities to be more accessible to those that need assistance.

I get it. Technology is all around us. It has the potential to take over. But if you think your life won’t involve adaptation and acceptance of emerging tech, you’re likely wrong. So, let’s get in front of it. Better to know and understand what you’re dealing with than to fear it from afar.

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