The Internet Trends Report

By WorkBook6

OMG, it’s Brett Kaufman:

Every year, Mary Meeker from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers puts out her Internet Trends Report.

For some people. Mary’s report acts as their bible or playbook for the year ahead. For others, it’s a solid read of 294 slides of useful info. And to most, it’s a lot of information they’ll never need or understand.

Personally, I always love these reports but over the years I feel like the info has become less innovative or eye-popping. Yes, there are some awesome nuggets in those 294 slides but a lot of this is information we see and hear about on a daily basis.

Has Meeker (and the Internet Trends Report) lost her touch? I don’t think so.

I think in 2018, the age of information is so easily there with commentary from amazing and smart people daily that these big summaries are less valuable.

As an example, LUMA’s State of Digital Media is a newer version, a slimmed down 75(ish) pages that focuses just on digital media. There are many others around the world that I have seen popping up. Some are used at conferences to present findings or aide in keynote speeches.

Do you find these massive research pieces helpful? Is the content digestible or have firms lost touch of the goals of these presentations? Is there a better way you’d like to see summaries of the information?

While I don’t see us at WorkBook6 putting out a 300-slide summary of the State of Partnerships, I do think we would love to share what we see in the ecosystem on a daily basis and help spread the true meaning and value on expanding your partnership programs.

What say you, Internet chums?

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