The NBA Summer League, but in real life

By WorkBook6

By Rob Stevenson

Full disclosure – I’m a hockey fan. The NHL is by far the best spectator sport in the world (come at me, NFL fans), but Max in our office – he’s a basketball guy.

Max loves the NBA, and in particular, the Phoenix Suns (hometown team, woot woot!). And so today in the office Max had a couple of NBA Summer League games on in the background.

“NBA Summer League?”, I asked. And Max explained the concept of the summer league, a chance for NBA teams to play their rookies and sophomores and other undrafted players, a chance to check out the merchandise, if you will, install systems and get players used to the professional experience.

The league is also a chance for players to learn about what it takes to be professional basketball players, getting into team-centric routines and understanding the day-to-day routine of being a professional athlete (though, to be certain, most of these players’ college experiences pretty closely resemble a professional experience, too, amirite?).

That got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be cool if you, right out of college, for example, could start in a business world summer league, a chance to learn the ropes and get acclimated to the real world? A chance to develop and hone your skills in a team setting so you are set and ready to go when the points matter and the games count for real?

Think about the benefits for companies, getting to see who can perform under pressure, who can adapt and overcome, who can carry themselves like a pro.

And yes, I get it – interning is kind of like this, but let’s be honest – interning would be much cooler if it had a competitive vibe to it.

So what say you? Shall we establish a performance marketing summer league? And get Nike to sponsor our jerseys?

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