Welcome, Bobby Furnish

By WorkBook6

Last week, we sort of whiffed on announcing a great addition to our team at WorkBook6. So, admittedly a bit behind the actual events, I’m excited to share more formally that Bobby Furnish has joined WorkBook6. Bobby has been tapped to fill an important role for our business and more importantly, our clients: he’s leading our business development efforts across the insurance ecosystem. Having worked with countless carriers and agencies across the property and casualty, health and life insurance industries, I know what our clients soon will: this is very good news.

As has always been the case, WorkBook6’s success is predicated on attracting and keeping talented folks. Bobby joining our team is the latest example, but we have more planned, soon. 

Naming the person who will lead our insurance industry efforts isn’t something we take lightly. I’ve known Bobby for a very long time, and have worked with him extensively. He served alongside Brett Kaufman (our COO) and Justin Guido at DoublePositive, and later oversaw an extensive traffic and buyer network for Precise. 

Bobby’s heads down learning our business and is eager to make an impact across our client roster, soon. We’re all thrilled to have him here – and excited for the wins he’s already begun working on. Welcome, Bobby.

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