Welcome, Cailey Thorfinnson

By WorkBook6

I’m writing to share another key point of growth at WorkBook6, this one again falling into the people category. In January, we were fortunate enough to welcome Cailey Thorfinnson as our Chief of Staff. She’s been here for less than a month, but I cannot understate the immediacy nor the importance of her impact. Cailey is just perfect for the role she’s taken on. To me, this has already materialized in a few specific places:

  1. She’s helping us better understand our opportunities to grow. As WorkBook6 has matured, we’ve been blessed/fortunate/lucky (you pick!) enough to gain access to incredible new business prospects. Simply put, Cailey has been an immediately helpful resource toward both the evaluation and engagement of these new players within the WorkBook6 ecosystem.
  2. She’s helping our team work more efficiently. Cailey has made quick work of helping us make efficiency improvements. Projects that might have sit in queue in the past while Brett or I work through our own backlog are now gaining prompt momentum under Cailey’s leadership. This has been felt within every area of our business, and has touched every member of our team.
  3. She’s creating material improvements to our marketing and lifting our brand. Cailey has begun to work closely with our team to help us better understand our marketing needs, and has made impressive progress in just the few short weeks she’s been here. (Because important updates on this front will be released, soon, I’ll hold off on some of these exciting details, today.)

There’s an art to bringing a new team member aboard. In a small company with the kind of velocity and momentum we’re experiencing, doing so requires the team to make meaningful time available to assist in the effort. In a Chief of Staff role, this effort sits largely on the senior team. In this particular sense, I want to commend Brett’s efforts to create a seamless plan, and again praise Cailey for driving the efforts during such a dynamic stretch. This, in addition to the entire team’s eagerness to jump in and provide assistance, has led to as efficient an onboarding ramp as I’ve seen from our business, to date. To each of the above, well done!

I could go on and on. But, apropos to this post, Cailey’s standing at my office door for our next meeting. So, with that, I’ll wrap with this: welcome, Cailey – we’re so glad you’re here and immensely impressed by your impact. 

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