Welcome Julie; Congrats Justin and Chris!

By WorkBook6

Hey folks! Long time, no blog – I promise to be better about this over the summer!

While I love to write on a range of topics, this kind of content ranks among my favorites. That’s because it celebrates what (or rather, whom) makes WorkBook6 special: the people. It also speaks to our business’s growth, but the real message is that our team is growing and developing in way that make me really, really proud. So, if you like to smile and be happy for other people, read on!

Welcome Julie Bohling!

I’m thrilled to welcome Julie Bohling to WorkBook6’s partnership development group, where she’s already begun to improve our reach within the digital publisher ecosystem. Julie’s background is exactly what we look for in a colleague. She’s hard working and easy going. She likes silliness (a near must, here), but she gets that the work is ultimately what’s important. Speaking of work, Julie’s done lots of it in some really dynamic and diverse environments. She’s sold and managed sales people in the sports and entertainment world (for the Washington Capitals and the Phoenix Suns); she’s a former educator (and holds a masters degree in education); and she’s deeply experienced within the software as a service (SaaS) space (most recently focusing on educational technology at Pearson). More important than any of this, though, is the fact that she’s an excellent intensely positive human. She’s curious and passionate – a combination that I believe represents lightning in a bottle. We’re lucky to have her, here. Welcome, Julie!

Congratulations to Justin Guido and Chris Cox

As the partnership development team grows, it’s exciting, also, to share that both Chris Cox and Justin Guido have been promoted to more senior roles within their existing disciplines. Each will assume Senior Director titles; this is reflective of their leadership and material impact on our success, here.

Well done, guys.

So, who’s next?

We will be steadily adding to this team throughout the remainder of 2019. So, if you hold superpowers in sales, business development or account management, we want to know your story, and we’d love to tell you ours. If you’re just getting started, and don’t yet know if those are your strong suits, that’s ok, too. Let’s work on figuring it out, together. We love helping people find their truest talents.

In either of the above scenarios, it all starts with a discussion. So, let’s start there; if you’ve got a hunch that you’d be a great fit for our team, reach out any time and let’s start the discussion!

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