What is the Leadscon Strategic Partnership Workshop

By WorkBook6

Guys! The WorkBook6 team has great news – we’re thrilled to partner with the 2018 Leadscon conference in Las Vegas to present the Strategic Partnership Workshop, March 5, 2018.

So, what is the Leadscon Strategic Partnership Workshop?

It’s no secret: the headwinds impacting customer acquisition are as strong as we’ve ever seen. Brands face stiff competition and must ask hard questions about the customers they acquire via the internet. Publishers and lead sellers feel this pressure as their brand partners look to right-size costs of acquisition and increase Lifetime Value (LTV).

Escalating costs. Fierce competition. Falling LTV’s. Oh, my.

But there is a solution. Forging partnerships can deliver the growth and economic outcomes we’re all seeking more of.

On behalf of the entire WorkBook6 team, we invite you to join our founder and CEO, JT Benton for a workshop built exclusively around this topic. JT will be joined by CEOs, CMOs and Business Development professionals from top US brands, publishers and membership groups. Broken into chapters, this workshop will cover everything one needs to know in order to build more revenue impacting partnerships.

What Will You Learn?

Among other takeaways, participants in this workshop will focus on:

  1. How to identify potential partnership opportunities and make sense of the revenue impact for your company
  2. How to form aligned partnerships with leading firms while staying true to your brand
  3. How to negotiate commercial outcomes that work for every stakeholder – especially the consumer
  4. How to track and manage multiple partnerships – with different conversion paths and commercial structures
  5. When to bring in outside products and services to increase your brand’s loyalty
  6. Which billing formats work best in competitive marketplaces

And much, much more!

Who Should Attend the Leadscon Strategic Partnership Workshop ?

This Leadscon Strategic Partnership Workshop has been designed for senior, revenue-focused leaders – CEO’s, CMO’s, CRO’s, marketing and business development leaders – each will benefit from this content, directly. We’ve also built content that will inform and educate the doers from within the business development and marketing teams. If you touch customer acquisition on the brand side, or media monetization on the publisher side, this workshop is for you. And if you represent a membership group or association, it’s a “can’t miss” curriculum.

Short topical segments will alternate with longer-form hands-on case studies designed to dive deeper into industry-specific challenges, and how best to analyze and overcome in a strategic and sustainable fashion.

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