Why are we doing this?

By WorkBook6

In launching WorkBook6, I spend a lot of time sharing our vision for the company with potential partners. Along the way, I get a lot of practice answering a common question: “why are you doing this?”

There are a bunch of ways to answer this. Because it’s time. Because I want to own it. And, control it. These all work. But when I take the wide view, the answer crystalizes: I started WorkBook6 because I want to focus on growth, forever.

I’ve always loved helping companies grow. I’ve served as a sales, marketing and customer acquisition leader in multiple industries, now. I’ve also seen the performance marketing ecosystem from many vantages. I’ve sold advertising and I’ve bought advertising; I’ve also helped existing efforts work better. In each setting, I’ve enjoyed the hustle and grind of building new partnerships the most, always preferring the time spent focusing on prospecting and closing new business and building recurring revenue through media monetization. I’m lucky in the sense that it’s largely gone well, and the places I’ve worked have mostly been successful in their growth.

Oddly, this growth has always led to a less fun thing for me: increased operational responsibilities. In every place I’ve ever been, the growth has pulled me away from the market, which until recently, I had accepted as part of the process.

I often hear this same story from our clients. Most of the folks who hire us are business development or marketing executives, themselves, and nearly all of them tell me that for a bunch of reasons, they don’t get to spend enough time on new partnerships. Instead, their days get filled with other stuff, just like mine did when I was in a management role inside of companies. They go to meetings (sometimes just to meet about other meetings!).

They do reviews, and they ponder growing their existing relationships. They assemble and approve expense reports. And they do quarterly and annual planning. They make stuff for their board to look at. They travel for this thing and that meeting. The list goes on. This is all stuff that matters, but in my experience, it’s not the stuff that matters the most. That’s where we come in.

WorkBook6 is hyper-focused on facilitating client growth through partnerships. We help our clients execute on growth strategies that are material and important. We work with companies of many sizes and scopes. Some of our clients are gigantic, multi-billion dollar companies with thousands of employees and millions of customers. Others are startups with fewer than 10 employees. These businesses share few commonalities, but it is universally true that they want to grow, and that they’ve come to us for help with that. We’re immensely thankful to them for the trust it takes to tab a new company as their partner.

We don’t want to do the other stuff. We’re here for one thing: to help the business grow through partnerships.

That’s why we’re doing this.

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