WorkBook6 2.0

By WorkBook6

Hi all! This post marks an important new development for our growing company. I’m thrilled to share our new and (I think) improved website. Before I gush over what I love about our new site, I want first to extend our thanks to a few important people: 

  1. Rob Stevenson, who served as our Vice President, Marketing, and was responsible for the build-out of the site that this new site replaces. Why (a) mention a former member of the team and (b) praise the work we’re now sunsetting? Easy: much of what Rob built persists within our new environment, and it feels right to say so. He deserves this reminder that we wouldn’t be where we are today without his contributions.
  2. Cailey Thorfinnson and Savannah Day (who goes by Sav, just so y’all know). Cailey, who I introduced in this previous post , has made moving this project forward an immediate objective. And Sav has provided the resource planning and execution needed to make this project an on-time, on-budget success.
  3. Finally, the entire team at Optuno,  who provided incredible leverage for our team in helping us create what I feel is a nice window into the work we do here. Specifically, the folks at Optuno provided a development platform for our team to work from. I would recommend them to any business looking for help with their website.

 On to the site. It’s natural for people to seek relational, comparative context in order to make sense of new information quickly. In the four years since we launched WorkBook6, I’ve yet to identify another company that does what we do, nor have I found one that goes to market like we do. This makes for an interesting challenge, since we are so unique. Like every business, we need to do all we can to help our visitors understand who we are immediately, but as a ‘market maker,’ we don’t have the same roster of comparisons to draw. (You’re reading this right, by the way: I’m actually saying that a lack of industry peers and competitors is a challenge when it comes to telling your story.) In redrafting our website, we needed to make three things very clear to the viewer:

  1. What we do is power partnerships. We’re ALL about building relationships between companies and helping everyone involved find a material benefit. That’s our whole business.
  2. The people who do this truly make our business special and unique.
  3. We aren’t just a rolodex (or, a bunch of them) – understanding how we do this helps explain our advantage and rapid growth. We’re powered by powerful, proprietary technology.

While the new site is a mere platform for the story’s continued evolution, I think we’ve made strides in communicating the above in an easy-to-understand format.

Finally, we think it’s important to share what we can about the kinds of companies we work with and also the outcomes our clients should expect. While we can’t always share clients by name, we’ve listed a few that provide a nice representation of the types of firms we represent. We’ve also provided some testimonial content from our clients, with a commitment to updating this content over time. 

Finally, we want our site to be a ‘place’ that visitors come back to. To accomplish this, we’ve merged our blog with a more dynamic ‘happenings ’ section. Here, visitors can find written content (blog posts) and event-based updates, such as speaking engagements and industry trade shows we’re attending.

That’s it for now! I hope you’ll enjoy the new site and, where appropriate, share it with others. And, as always, I encourage you to reach out. We’re always eager to take feedback to heart and to explore new opportunities for both our clients and our own business. Don’t be shy!

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