WorkBook6 at LeadsCon 2018 Strategic Partnership Marketing

By WorkBook6

Hey folks! JT Benton here, and I’ve got an amazing update on the Strategic Partnership Marketing Workshop that is kicking off Leadscon Las Vegas this year.

So with LeadsCon’s annual Las Vegas event fast approaching, I thought it would be good to write a bit about this year’s event. Since launching the company about 18 months ago, we’ve worked hard to make LeadsCon as successful and eventful an event as possible.

This year, we’ve taken this to another level. We’re in a full-on sprint around here. We’ve got a full calendar of events planned, and we’ll have greater than half of our team on the ground in Vegas.

I’ve summarized what we’re up to, and also what we hope to accomplish at LeadsCon this year, below. Read on!


Monday, March 5:

Partnership Marketing Workshop: 8:00 – Noon

For us, the single most important event at LeadsCon 2018 is our StrategicPartnership Workshop, which we’re hosting on Monday, March 5. This program is meaningful for many reasons, and represents the entire spirit of what we’re trying to accomplish at WorkBook6: partnership. We’ll be leading jam-packed four-hour series of sessions with some of the very best and brightest minds in the performance marketing space.

Attendees will hear from senior-executives and product leaders from companies such as Facebook, Spring Venture Group, NBKC Bank, ActiveProspect, WD Social, Motus and InsuraMatch. This is not a typical LeadsCon format because it isn’t focused on leads at all. Instead, we’re diving DEEP into the ways that leading companies leverage strategic partnerships as a growth engine for their business.

Attendance for this event is capped at 200, and we’re closing in on selling out. If you haven’t registered, yet, you can do so, here. But hustle up – I suspect it will fill up within a few short days of this post

LeadsCon 2018 Late Night: 9:30 – 11:30, Budweiser Beer Park

This is a really cool venue, and promises to be a fun event. We’ll have wrapped up our partnership workshop earlier in the day, so I’ll be looking forward to celebrating that effort and also catching up with friends from around the industry..

Tuesday, March 6 

Creation Coalition: 2:30 PM

In addition to the partnership workshop, we have the honor of joining Todd Nelson from LightStream to discuss his company’s cutting-edge approach to building win-win partnerships. LightStream, which is owned by SunTrust Bank, is among the US’s best lending resources for high-income, high-credit consumers.

And the bank’s approach to growth strategies is entirely unique. Todd will share some incredible concepts for attracting and supporting strategic partners, with a material focus on creating uniquely valuable experiences for consumers.

I’ve known Todd for years, and have been proud to help him with several of these strategies – his session promises to be very impactful.

Tuesday Night Parties: 6:00 – Roughly Midnight!

Tuesday seems to be the night for the party circuit. While I’ll be hosting a small group of CEO’s for dinner as part of an annual tradition that we have the honor of hosting this year, there’s no shortage of great parties planned.

From whiskey tastings to hosted happy hours, there are too many to list, here. But our team will be all over the place – we’re looking forward to running into y’all on the circuit!

Wednesday, March 7:

Sessions, Sessions and more Sessions! 

I’ll admit it – with so much going on and a full slate of meetings and events, I often miss out on some of the conference’s best content. This year, I’m blocking off as much time as I can to take in Wednesday’s sessions. There are many good ones to choose from, but I’m most looking forward to the following:

The Great Clips Customer Journey: Consumer Engagement through Smarter Data Analysis: 9:00 – 9:45

LeadsCon MasterClass with Zeta Global: We Know Your Customers, You Just Don’t Have Them Yet; Valuing Customer Engagement: 9:55 – 10:40

The Homeowner Expectation: Satisfying the Needs of Today’s Home Services Leads: 1:00 – 1:50

How Two Successful Financial Services Publishers Earned the Respect of the Millennial Consumer: 2:35 – 3:00

Our Goals for LeadsCon 2018:

While everyone has a unique outlook on LeadsCon and what they hope to accomplish, we’re leveraging past experiences to inform our focus a bit differently than you might find with other firms.

For WorkBook6, our goals are less revenue focused and more closely related to communication and enablement of future wins – and everything we’re doing in Las Vegas revolves around our clients.

While we’re working hard to schedule important meetings for our clients in Las Vegas, much of what we’ll do will focus on brief, directional discussion which will inform deeper engagement after the event. This, we find, will make the most of our time, and also provide for a broader base of opportunities to pursue on behalf of our partners when we’re back in the office.

And, while it may seem to be backward logic, we’re not looking at LeadsCon as an opportunity to grow WorkBook6. Instead, we’re organizing our time around helping our clients grow.

We know from past experiences that if we do this well, our own success will surely follow.

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