WorkBook6 presents our new senior health insurance brand, CoverageCoach

By JT Benton

Earlier today, WorkBook6 shared some very big news for our growing company. We publicly announced the launch of our newest product: CoverageCoach. Simply put, this new property takes aim at serving the insurance needs of consumers over the age of 65. We’re already live with health and life insurance products; in time, CoverageCoach will offer solutions for seniors across the entire insurance ecosystem.


We think our users and partners will find our model for this new product to be refreshingly straightforward. First, CoverageCoach helps seniors understand the insurance products built for their generation. When they’re ready, we connect our users with reputable, licensed entities who can help them get the right coverage for their way of life. It’s simple – and will always be guided by our promise to our audience: CoverageCoach is a transparent, unbiased and free resource to seniors who are shopping for insurance.


This isn’t a pivot; it’s an expansion. WorkBook6 has always served as a connection point – a keystone in the relationship building process. This will absolutely continue.  In fact, it’s this work which has provided the necessary perspective for this opportunity. We’ve developed thousands of engagements within the insurance industry, much of which has been focused on helping our clients engage with America’s growing senior demographic. Leveraging the above experience, we’ve come to appreciate some material challenges facing both the consumer and advertiser communities we serve. We see CoverageCoach as a necessary solution for our users and our partners. More specifically:


Seniors have different insurance needs than those under 65 – and the products available aren’t always easily explained. We built CoverageCoach to make it easier to understand these plans – and to buy them from reputable providers. Our comparison tool makes it  easier for our visitors to evaluate coverage and plan options. Because we care deeply about the consistency of this experience, CoverageCoach will never purchase leads from other providers – all inquiries will take place within our environment.


What we do after the inquiry is processed is just as important as what we do beforehand. Today’s insurance market is plagued by lead sellers and aggregators monetizing consumer data with very few real limits. These firms optimize profitability at nearly all costs, leaving both consumers and advertisers holding the bag. CoverageCoach operates differently. In fact, we will only work with reputable, licensed insurance companies.


Y’all, I couldn’t be more excited about this. Before I wrap this up, I want to quickly give thanks to those who have helped make launching CoverageCoach possible. I’m grateful to our team, who have each contributed mightily. And, we’re so appreciative of our many partners who are helping us bring this solution to market. To everyone whose played a role in this happening: THANK YOU.

For the official press release on CoverageCoach, visit:

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